Panayiotis Tzoumanikas

Panayiotis Tzoumanikas

Academic staff

Position: Postdoctoral researcher

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1. Cloud detection and classification with the use of whole-sky ground-based images, A. Kazantzidis, P. Tzoumanikas, A.F. Bais, S. Fotopoulos, G. Economou, , Atmospheric Research, 113, 80-88, 2012

2. Cloud observations in Switzerland using hemispherical sky cameras, S. Wacker, J. Groebner, C. Zysset, L. Diener, P. Tzoumanikas, A. Kazantzidis, L. Vuilleumier, R. Stockli, S. Nyeki, N. Kampfer, , Journal of Geophysical Research, 120(2), 695-707, 2015

3. Site adaptation of global horizontal irradiance from the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service for radiation using supervised machine learning techniques, V. Salamalikis, P. Tzoumanikas, A. A. Argiriou, A. Kazantzidis, , Renewable Energy, 195:92-106, 2022