Orestis Panagopoulos - Kontostavlakis

Orestis Panagopoulos - Kontostavlakis

Academic staff

Position: Postdoctoral researcher

Contact detailss


+30 2610 996079

Brief CV


  • Diploma in Physics, University of Patras, 2015.
  • MSc in «Distributed Green Electric Power and the Advanced Network Infrastructure for its Management and Economy», Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras, 2017.
  • PhD of the University of Patras, 2023.

Research interests

  • Urban heat island.
  • Solar thermal systems.

Detailed CV
1. Experimentation, modeling and applications of a novel low-cost air-based photovoltaic thermal collector prototype, Barone,G., A. Buonomano, C. Forzano, A. Palombo and O. Panagopoulos, , Energy Conversion and Management , 2019

2. Photovoltaic thermal collectors: Experimental analysis and simulation model of an innovative low-cost water-based prototype, Barone,G., A. Buonomano, C. Forzano, A. Palombo and O. Panagopoulos , , Energy, 2019

3. Solar Process Heat Collector with mirror-aray concentration system, J.,Goettsche, Alexopoulos S., Dümmler A., Argiriou A.A., Panagopoulos O., Kosmopoulos G. and Dokouzis A., , EUROSUN 2020-13th International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings & Industry, 2020

4. Urban heat island effect in Patras, Greece. Preliminary results, Argiriou A. and Panagopoulos O. , , COMECAP 2018 - 14th International Conference on Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics. Alexandroupolis, Greece, 2018

5. Low-cost water-based photovoltaic thermal collectors: experimental investigation and simulation model, P.,Baggio, Barone G., Buonomano A., Forzano C., Palombo A., and Panagopoulos O., , Proceedings of SDEWES 2018 - 13th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment. Palermo, Italy, 2018

6. Low-Cost Data Acquisition System for Solar Thermal Collectors, Panagopoulos O, Argiriou AA, , Electronics, 2022

7. Simulation of the Optical Performance of Static Concentrator Solar Collectors, S. Alexopoulos, O. Panagopoulos, A.A. Argiriou, , 12th Conference, Institute of Solar Technology, 553-559, 2021

8. Optical and thermal performance simulation of a micro-mirror solar collector, Panagopoulos O, Argiriou AA, Dokouzis A, Alexopoulos S., Goettsche J, , Energy Reports, 8:6624–6632 , 2022