Presentation of our air quality platform in ECOTEC

Published at: 19/02/2021

Our interactive system for monitoring and recording air quality is called "ΑΙΘΕΡΑΣ". It is a system of sensors measuring air suspended particles and an online platform that records the air quality levels derived from small particles that are the most dangerous to health. 
ΑΙΘΕΡΑΣ started 4 years ago, when young researchers of the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Patras proposed its creation, asking for the participatory funding from the citizens of Patras (crowd funding). 
Because there has been participatory funding from citizens, ΑΙΘΕΡΑΣ aims to diseminate the information on particulate matter and raise environmental awareness.

Today, the idea of ​​ΑΙΘΕΡΑΣ has become a practice beyond Patras. With the contribution of the Municipality of Thermi, the website has been developed with real-time air quality measurements, statistics, maps and forecasts.

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