Horizon Prize "Early Warning for Epidemics"

Published at: 18/01/2022

We are pleased to announce that the Early Warning System for Mosquito borne diseases EYWA has won the 1st place in the European Innovation Council's Horizon Prize for “Early Warning for Epidemics”.

The EYWA system was co-developed by three organizations [core partners: NOA-BEYOND (coordinator), ECODEV, LAPUP]. EYWA was also joined by twelve other European organizations (partners) that serve research purposes, carry out mosquito control activities, belong to health and decision-making sectors.

Τhe Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics of the University of Patras (LAPUP) participated in EYWA with the research team of the Associate Professor Kioutsioukis Ioannis, providing primarily medium-range forecasts with the causal model MIMESIS that it has developed and constantly upgrade.

Here you may find the fact sheet of the project.